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Protect yourself, your family and your business with Schiller and Company’s simple protection plans.

Employee Benefits

We partner with organizations to provide high-quality legal and identity theft benefits for employees.

Legal Services for Businesses

If you have a home business or a small business (under 100 employees), we can provide legal service plans for your business.

Personal Plans

Protect yourself and your family with our LegalShield and IDShield personal plans.

“LegalShield helped me when a plumber came to my home to repair a copper line and accidentally let water run into my hot water tank controls, which caused it to stop working. The plumber denied it was his fault and refused to pay for the damages. LegalShield wrote letters that eventually made the plumber pay up. I would have had to pay for the repairs myself if it weren’t for LegalShield.”

– Jan L. from Michigan

About Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals who have built our Company on Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency. We believe that this is the foundation not only in business, but in life.

For over 17 years, Schiller & Company has helped over 300 businesses and over 21,000 families worry less and live more, by providing timely identity theft, legal and business management solutions that protect and empower both employers and employees alike.