CDL Legal Plans

As a commercial driver, your livelihood depends upon being on the road. Our CDL Legal Plans help you stay behind the wheel.

Starting at $32.95/mo

Legal Protection On and Off the Road

Our CDL Legal Plans cover a multitude of legal situations:

  • Tragic accident representation, license reinstatement, moving violations, DOT and non-moving violations, property damage collection, personal injury collection.
  • Additional coverage for issues related to Logbook, Overheight, Hazardous material, Equipment violations, Overlength, Overwidth.
  • Get legal protection to keep your job and your income safe.

CDL Legal Plan Highlights

Legal Consultation

Consult with an attorney about points on your record related to Compliance, Safety, and Accountability regulations.

Tragic Accident Representation

If you or your spouse is charged with a criminal act because of a serious traffic accident, a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney will defend you in the court of original jurisdiction.

License Reinstatement

You and your spouse have 2.5 hours of legal help from a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney for each:

  • Denied a driver’s license.
  • Cancelled, suspended, or revoked license where a right to appeal is provided to you.
  • Assistance is needed to reinstate due to medical or job related reasons.

DOT and Non-Moving Violations

Your provider law firm will represent you or your spouse for non-criminal charges for: Logbook, Overheight, Equipment violations, Overlength, Overweight, Load spillage, and much more.

Personal Injury Collection

A Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney will help you or your spouse collect personal injury claims of $2000 or less for injuries resulting from driving, riding in, or being struck by any motor vehicle or boat.

Moving Violations

Your provider law firm will provide defense of non criminal moving violations in the court of original jurisdiction. The attorney appointed for you is usually located in the area where you received the ticket.

Protect Your Livelihood as a Driver

Commercial Driver Legal Plan (personal)


Covers: Policy holder & Spouse

Commercial Driver Legal Plan (employers)

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