Gun Owner Supplement 

Legal protection and assistance for gun owners. Can be added on to your LegalShield legal plan.

Add to your plan for $14.95/mo

Gun ownership means more liability

Owning guns increases the potential liability and legal exposure. Get better protection for yourself and your family with our Gun Owner Supplement.

  • Phone consultations and 24/7 emergency access
  • Trial defense services on civil and criminal lawsuits
  • NFA Gun Trust services

Gun Owner Supplement Highlights


You get unlimited phone consultation with an attorney regarding any issues related to using or carrying firearms.

Emergency Access

You can speak with your attorney immediately after the use of a firearm to stop a threat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trial Defense Services

Get up to 60 hours of trial defense services if you are named in a covered criminal or civil lawsuit arising from a firearm incident.

NFA Trust Services

You receive one NFA Gun Trust in your state of residence, prepared by your attorney each year for a flat fee of $250.

25% Discounts

Any gun-related legal services not covered by the standard benefits are available at 25% off your attorney’s standard hourly rates.

Peace of Mind

Many people own guns to protect themselves and their families. Our Gun Owner Supplement furthers that mission.

Protect Yourself as a Gun Owner

Covers: Policy holder

$14.95 per month (added to your legal plan)